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Man throws ketchup at restaurant because they ran out of macaroni and cheese

By Mason White 2:40 PM May 15, 2015
Macaroni and cheese illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after throwing ketchup around at a restaurant after being denied macaroni and cheese, police in Pennsylvania said.

Cumberland County Police said that the suspect of New York, was angry when he could not get macaroni and cheese when he stopped at a rest area.

He got even more angry when the same restaurant was out of potatoes. 47-year-old Kevin Nelson was charged with disorderly conduct on Wednesday.

According to the police investigation, Nelson stopped at a Roy Rogers in Hopewell Township. When his macaroni and cheese order was declined, he became angry and agitated before beginning to curse.

Police said that Nelson got coffee from another shop before coming back to Roy Rogers to ask for potatoes. They said that they were out of potatoes.

Nelson allegedly became enraged and began throwing condiments across the counter.