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Police officer stops funeral procession on highway for traveling at low speeds

By Mason White 10:40 AM May 18, 2015
Scene of the incident 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) People are angry after an inconsiderate police officer in California, stopped a funeral procession for traveling at low speeds.

The dispute that unfolded on Highway 10 on Friday between members of the funeral procession and the California Highway Patrol, was recorded on video.

The traffic officer stopped a convoy of about 100 cars, which we making their way to the Forest Lawn Cemetery to bury an elderly woman.

A family member said that the officer’s actions were outrageous and showed no compassion.

Police however, said that the person leading the procession was pulled over because he was trying to stop traffic on the highway so that the convoy could pass.

The officer said that he told the other members of the funeral that they could continue on, but some of them chose to pull over.

The driver who attempted to stop traffic, was cited for illegal lighting and driving with an expired license.

The daughter of the deceased woman said that the traffic stop delayed the arrival of the family at the cemetery for more than an hour.

A lawyer hired by the family said that the incident caused tremendous emotional distress.