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Man holds contest to give away daughter’s filthy car for free because she refused to clean it

By Mason White 4:38 PM May 18, 2015
The car 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man showed his stepdaughter tough love after she refused to clean her car.

James Baggott, who was disgusted by the filthy state of his daughter’s car, decided to take it away from her so she learns to respect her possessions.

Baggott of Gosport, England, said that his stepdaughter neglected her Peugeot 307, and the dirt turned into mold. He posted the competition to and offered the car for free to the winner.

The contest is titled: “We are giving away the most disgusting Peugeot the world has ever seen.”

Baggott wrote that he was tempted to set the car on fire, but then decided that someone might want it enough to clean it.

Baggott posted photos of the car covered in mold, mildew and dirt. He claims that the car has a reliable engine.

However, he warned that whoever ends up with the car will have to “use gloves and a hazmat suit” to pick it up.

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