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Boyfriend runs over his girlfriend’s 7 dogs because they were making a mess at his house

By Mason White 9:07 AM May 19, 2015
Jeremy Ellis 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after allegedly running over his girlfriend’s seven dogs because they were making a mess at his house, police in Oklahoma said.

Oklahoma City Police said that they have arrested 41-year-old Jeremy Ellis, after being accused of killing two of the dogs he ran over with his vehicle.

The seven puppies were just 4 weeks old, when Ellis put them in a trash bag and ran them over while his girlfriend was not at home.

Witnesses were unable to identify the suspect, but police found a pawn ticket in the garbage bag with his name on it. The incident unfolded in the 700 block of N. Western.

A neighbor told investigators that Ellis wanted nothing to do with the puppies of his girlfriend. Ellis’ girlfriend called police when she arrived home to find that her dogs were missing.

She told investigators that Ellis had contacted her by text saying that he got rid of the puppies because they were making a mess of the house.

Ellis was charged with seven counts of animal cruelty.