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Instructor swallows hamster alive in front of kids to teach them that life is precious

By Mason White 9:12 AM May 19, 2015
Hamster illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
An instructor was arrested on charges of child abuse after allegedly swallowing a hamster alive in front of children, police in South Korea said.

The instructor identified as Yu, 44, said that as a youth, he was afraid of rats.

The incident unfolded in a boarding school in Jeongeup.

After Yu learned that some children made fun of hamsters, he bit one to death and swallowed it to teach them how precious life is.

Seven children saw him eat the animal alive. Yu also used abusive language against the children. He left the facility when other teachers protested.

The parents of the children filed a complaint with police, alleging child abuse.

Yu apologized to the children, parents and other teachers, saying that he had he known it would be considered a form of child abuse, he would have not killed the hamster.

Some parents also claimed that other teachers tried to cover up the incident, and told the children not to tell anyone about the hamster.