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Men forcefully shave head and mustache of driver because he cut them off on highway

By Mason White 3:31 PM May 19, 2015
Shaved head illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Two men became angry that a driver cut them off on a roadway so they decided to shave his head and mustache, prosecutors in Qatar said.

Now, the two men have been sentenced to serve one year in prison each for shaving the head, beard and mustache of the driver to punish him.

The court in Doha, found the two men guilty of assault. The court also ruled to revoke the driver’s license of the victim for three months, after being found guilty of dangerous driving.

The two men told the court that they were nearly forced into a wall after the victim overtook their car in a reckless manner. They said that they were driving calmly when the victim cut them off without warning.

However, the victim said that he was pursued by the men for some time, and when he stopped at the side of the road, the men attacked him.

The two men grabbed him and tied him up in the back seat of his car. Then one of them pulled a razor and shaved his head and mustache.

During questioning, the two men admitted that they assaulted the victim, but insisted that they wanted to teach him a lesson.