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Autistic boy accused of killing 14-month-old brother by setting him on fire while babysitting

By Mason White 9:50 AM May 19, 2015
Matt Morgan 

By: Wayne Morin
A teenage boy was charged with murder after being accused of setting his baby brother in fire.

The autistic teenager of South Carolina, broke down in tears after being charged with murder and arson for allegedly setting fire to the house, killing his 14-month-old brother.

Police said that 17-year-old Matt Morgan, admitted to setting fire to the trailer park in Rock Hill, that killed his half-brother Joshua Hill.

However, his parents said that the teen was coerced into admission as a result of police intimidation.

Police said that Morgan did not contact the police while watching the trailer burn down with his baby brother inside.

Prosecutors believe that Morgan’s failure to attempt to save his brother justifies a murder charge. However, Morgan’s parents said that the police have the story wrong.

“Our neighbors had to stop him from going back into the burning house,” said the boy’s mother Julie.

Morgan told investigators that he had stayed home to care for his brother and was sleeping when the fire broke out.

Prosecutors claim that Morgan, who has autism, gave multiple different accounts of the events during the 5 hour interrogation that took place three days after the fire.

Police claim that Morgan admitted to holding a candle, which fell onto the baby’s blanket, and the fire quickly spread.

Myke Hill, Josh’s father and the fiance of Morgan’s mother, said that he does not believe for a moment that Morgan would intentionally hurt his younger brother, whom he loved.

Morgan is in police custody after being charged with murder and arson.