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McDonald’s forces customers to take breathalyzer tests before eating in restaurants

By Mason White 5:55 PM May 20, 2015
McDonald’s location illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) People who are drunk, will no longer be able to eat at some McDonald’s locations.

One McDonald’s location in Cambridge, will force customers to take breathalyzer tests who want to eat inside the restaurant.

In an effort to reduce drunk diners, the fast food chain customers will blow into a machine, which measures blood alcohol content.

Anyone measuring 0.08 will be denied entry. Soda bottles and other canned beverages will also be inspected for hidden alcohol.

The manager said that he wants people to enjoy their stay. People who will be turned away, will be given a brochure on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

The Cambridge McDonald’s is close to many bars and clubs, which is a hot spot for students and partygoers. However, not everyone agrees with the new initiative.

One student said that forcing customers to take breathalyzer tests is a blatant violation of human rights.