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Hot-looking sisters held hostage and beaten by men they met on Facebook

By Mason White 10:24 AM May 20, 2015
Amy and Nicole Rice 

By: Wayne Morin
Two sisters of Ireland, learned the hard way not to trust strangers on Facebook.

The sisters of Tallaght, Dublin, were held hostage for 20 hours and severely beaten by two men they met on Facebook.

21-year-old Amy Rice and her sister Nicole, 19, had been talking to two men on Facebook for quite some time, and finally agreed to meet in person.

The plan was to meet at a bar and have some drinks, but once the sisters arrived, the two men had other plans.

The men, who are 25 and 30 years old, took the sisters to an apartment on Francis Lane in Newbridge.

Amy said that the men started getting aggressive with her and her sister. One of them pushed her sister to the ground and began to kick her in the head.

She said that they were tied up, and rags were placed in their mouths while the men kept laughing as they beat them up.

Nicole attempted to escape. She ran to the hallway and fell on the stairs while trying get away. She passed out at the bottom of the stairs.

According to the women, the men thought that Nicole was dead so they called some people and asked them to dig graves in the Wicklow mountains so that they can get rid of the both women.

After seeing that Nicole was alive, the men finally allowed the women to leave, but they warned them that if they go to police, they would kill them and their families.

The women flagged down a motorist who drove them to the hospital. Amy and Nicole were released from the hospital, and they are expected to make a full recovery.

Police have opened an investigation into the matter.