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91-year-old woman slapped with fine for making loud noise with her rocking chair

By Mason White 5:44 PM May 21, 2015
Rocking chairs illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
An elderly woman in Canada, is distraught after she received a fine for making loud noise with her rocking chair.

The 91-year-old woman of Quebec, has been fined $150 after being charged with disturbing the peace.

The incident began when the woman’s neighbors complained to the police about the noise coming from her house. Police officers who arrived at the scene, gave Yvette Vachon a ticket.

Those living near the woman also complained about the volume of her television. The elderly woman’s lawyer is trying to have the ticket dismissed, saying that the police handled the situation poorly.

The lawyer also said that Vachon might sue the city for causing emotional distress.