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Man forgets his father’s ashes in the back seat of a taxi after spending day drinking with family

By Mason White 5:46 PM May 21, 2015
Taxi illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man in Scotland, is begging the public for help in getting back his father’s cremated ashes.

The incident began when 23-year-old James Rice, went to his aunt in London, in order to take his father’s ashes and bury them in a cemetery Balgay.

However, after spending the day drinking with his family, Rice took a taxi home, where he forgot the ashes in the back seat. Rice only realized that he forgot his father’s ashes the next morning.

The ashes were in four small containers inside a purple floral bag. Brian Rice died at age 67, and was cremated in Dundee. His ashes were shared among family members.

Rice urged the public to help him find the ashes of his father. If anyone finds the ashes, they are asked to deliver them to the nearest police station or the taxi stand.