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17-year-old girl stabs her mother to death and burns her body during a fight over money

By Mason White 9:13 AM May 22, 2015
Knife illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A girl was arrested after she killed her mother and set her on fire.

The court heard that 17-year-old girl of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, killed her mother after the two fought over money.

The mother allegedly beat her daughter during the fight before ordering the girl to do house chores.

That angered the teenager, who allegedly took a kitchen knife and stabbed her mother several times in the chest, neck and hands.

She hid the body so that her younger brother does not find out what she did. The court heard that the younger brother went to bed without noticing anything.

The next day, the girl allegedly lied to her brother and told him that their mother went to another city and had accidentally left her phone at home.

She told him to deliver the phone to her.

When he left, the girl called her friend and told her about her mother’s death.

In order to cover up the crime, the girl doused the body with paraffin, and set it on fire.

According to prosecutor Washington Munyoro, the friend of the teenager called police, leading to her arrest.