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Baby deported to Slovakia after his mother moved to Britain and no longer wanted him

By Mason White 9:57 AM May 22, 2015
Benjamin with a social worker 

By: Chan Yuan
A baby was deported back to his mother’s hometown after she no longer wanted to care for him.

The mother handed over her young baby to a social worker after she settled in the United Kingdom, and she did not want to raise him.

The 6-month-old child who is a citizen of Slovakia, was identified as Benjamin.

He was taken back to his mother’s previous home by British social workers.

Benjamin was born in Liverpool after his mother moved to England, but because his parents recently arrived in the United Kingdom, he does not qualify for citizenship.

Since 2006, babies born to parents only get British citizenship if at least one parent has lived in the country continuously for five years prior to the birth.

British officials contacted the Slovak Center for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth, which provides legal protection for children in foreign countries, and they agreed to take the baby.

The beautiful blue-eyed baby boy cried during the flight to the Bratislava Airport, and he was quickly handed over to Slovak officials.

Benjamin will stay in a children’s home before going to foster care, where he will stay until officials find a family who can adopt him.

A social worker in Slovakia said: “I hope his life will be good here. He will grow in his homeland and learn his own culture. I think he will be happy.”