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15-year-old girl drowns 2-month-old baby in her sleep because she did not want her mother to adopt the child

By Mason White 1:28 PM May 25, 2015
Baby illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A 15-year-old girl was arrested, charged and convicted of murder after killing a little child because she was jealous of her, prosecutors in Texas said.

Now, a Dallas County judge sentenced the girl who murdered the 2-month-old baby to 40 years in prison.

According to the police investigation, the girl drowned Justice Hull in a shallow container of water because she did not want her mother to adopt the child.

A paramedic who arrived at the scene, said that he found the baby on the bathroom floor, and when he picked her up, water ran out of her nose, indicating that she drowned.

The girl pleaded guilty to murder as part of a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors. The girl will begin her sentence at a juvenile prison.

Before she turns 19, a juvenile judge will decide whether to release her or have her serve the remainder of the sentence in an adult prison.