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Doctor uses rusty electric saw to cut off patient’s foot

By Mason White 5:56 PM May 25, 2015
Electric saw illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A doctor who was in the middle of performing an amputation procedure on a patient, had no choice but to use an electric saw to complete the surgery, healthcare officials in the United Kingdom said.

The Ayr Hospital surgeon was cutting the old man’s foot when the knife struck a metal plate in his leg.

After the nearby home improvement retailer was found to be closed, the operation went ahead with the sterilized electric saw that had been found laying in a storage area.

NHS (National Health Service) said it was investigating the incident in which normal procedures were not followed.

According to the investigation, the elderly man was a patient at the Crosshouse Hospital, where doctors determined that he needed an amputation of the leg.

He was taken to the Ayr Hospital in for the operation because that is where vascular surgeons are based. The operating room was prepared and the patients was anesthetized.

The operation began but was stopped after the surgeon had difficulty cutting the foot. That is when the doctor discovered that he had hit a metal plate.

After being unable to purchase a better knife, the surgeon decided to use the saw.

The saw was sterilized by immersion in a disinfecting solution and the surgeon proceeded to complete the amputation after cutting through the metal plate.

The patient and his relatives were told about what happened some time after the incident.