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Teachers force student to eat her own vomit after refusing to eat liver

By Mason White 5:57 PM May 25, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A school was shut down and several teachers were suspended after allegedly force feeding a student her own vomit, a court in the United Kingdom heard.

Niomi Gabrielle said that children were beaten and forced to eat vomit in Oakwood College located in Stowmarket.

The school was originally established for children with emotional and behavioral problems. The school has been at the center of an investigation by the Suffolk Police into allegations of excessive physical abuse.

Two former teachers admitted to child abuse and were fired, the Ipswich Crown Court heard. Brian Alliban was placed by officials at the school, from the age of eight until he left at 16.

He underwent gender reassignment surgery and is now known as Niomi Gabrielle. Gabrielle said that she saw teachers slamming the heads of students against a canoe.

One of her worst memories was being forced to eat the liver, which she did not like and was then forced to eat her own vomit.

She was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in adulthood, as well as gender dysphoria. Gabrielle is one of more than 100 former students who filed a lawsuit for damages against the Suffolk County Council.