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Man hangs himself after wife refused to have sex with him because his manhood became too large

By Mason White 5:58 PM May 25, 2015

By: Wayne Morin
A man committed suicide after his wife refused to have sex with him following an enlargement procedure, police in Thailand said.

Chiang Mai Police said that the horse track worker hanged himself in front of the ticket office on Thursday.

Friends of the 45-year-old man identified as Suea, told investigators that his wife refused to have sex with him after he underwent an enlargement procedure for his manhood.

Suea was found hanging on a rope at the Nong Ho Horse Track, and his body was surrounded by empty bottles of alcohol. His wife however, denied the allegations, saying that Suea became an alcoholic after being fired from his job.

He also suffered from schizophrenia, often talking about people from above asking him to come live with them. Police ruled the case a suicide.