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Man offers President Obama 150 animals in exchange for marrying his 17-year-old daughter Malia

By Mason White 2:02 PM May 26, 2015
President Barack Obama with daughters Malia and Sasha 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man in Kenya, said that he offered U.S. President Barack Obama more than 100 animals so that he could marry his daughter.

Felix Kiprono of Nairobi, offered Obama 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats in exchange for 17-year-old Malia.

Kiprono said that his lifelong dream is to marry Malia, and is willing to meet with Obama to discuss the issue during his visit. Kiprono became interested in Malia when she turned 10 years old.

Kiprono admits that he did not date anyone for the past 7 years, and he promised to be faithful to Malia. Kiprono’s family said that they are willing to raise the bride price for Malia, if Obama wants more than 150 animals.

The young lawyer said that his love for Malia is real because her father has Kenyan blood. He plans on giving Malia, special sour milk that is popular in the region.