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14-year-old girl gets paid to have sex with 500 men in hotel while being recorded

By Mason White 5:29 PM May 26, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly having sex with a young girl in a hotel room while recording the acts, police in Japan said.

Ibaraki Police said that they have arrested 38-year-old Tsuyoshi Kuwana, on charges of human trafficking for using the 14-year-old girl as an actress in adult videos.

According to the police investigation, Kuwana paid $1,220 to purchase the young student for recording illegal acts in a hotel room in Tsuchiura.

Police raided the man’s home, where they found about 100 DVDs with him having sex with underage girls.

Police arrested the manager of an adult video production company, 25-year-old Kentaro Abe, on charges of prostitution for allegedly selling the 14-year-old girl to 500 men.

Abe also faces charges of trafficking. Abe advertises the services of the girl at rates ranging from $80 to $325 per session. As compensation, the girl received $20 per session.

The girl earned Abe around $14,600 per month.