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Teenager killed with crowbar for insulting her mother

By Mason White 11:25 AM May 26, 2015
Crowbar illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A teenager was killed after she insulted her mother.

19-year-old Sharon Richard of South Africa, was killed by her father for allegedly insulting her mother.

37-year-old Mokhithi Richard of Mamaila, was found guilty at the Sekgosese Magistrate’s Court in Limpopo, for killing his daughter by throwing a crowbar at her.

The incident occurred after the father told the teenager to stop insulting her mother during a fight. When she ignored him, Mokhithi threw the crowbar, leading to the tragic death of his 19-year-old daughter.

Mokhithi was sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of causing the death of his daughter.