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Female hospital nurse takes pictures of unconscious patients’ private parts

By Mason White 2:27 PM May 27, 2015
Kristen A. Johnson 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A hospital nurse was arrested on charges of unlawful surveillance after allegedly taking photographs of unconscious patients, police in New York said.

Onondaga County Police said that they have arrested the Upstate University Hospital nurse after being accused of photographing the private parts of unconscious patients.

26-year-old Kristen A. Johnson was charged with two counts of unlawful surveillance and one count of distribution of unlawful surveillance.

Johnson allegedly took video and photos of at least two unconscious patients. She has been investigated for over nine months.

Patients at the hospital and their families have been notified about the arrest. Johnson was fired from the hospital following her arrest.

She was booked into jail and released on her own recognizance.