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Man slapped with fine for not wearing a helmet while driving car

By Mason White 2:33 PM May 27, 2015
Woman wearing helmet illustration 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man in India, was shocked to receive a fine for not wearing a helmet while driving a car.

43-year-old Shailender Singh of Uttar Pradesh, said that he was harassed by traffic police on Sunday, for not wearing a helmet while driving his car.

Singh was driving in Hasanpur, with his 4-month-old child when he was pulled over by Officer Shivraj Singh. He was asked to provide his driver’s license and other documents related to his vehicle.

Although he had all the documents with him, Shivraj Singh did not let him leave, resulting in an argument. Later, Shailender Singh was fined for not wearing a helmet.

Shailender Singh said that he was rushing to take his son to a physician, but the police refused to let him proceed. After around 20 minutes, the officer gave him a ticket for driving a car without a helmet and let him go.

Drivers of cars are not required by law to wear helmets.

Shivraj Singh said that Shailender Singh was talking on his mobile phone while driving, and the ticket for driving without a helmet was issued in error.

Shailender Singh has filed a complaint against the officer.