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Drunk party guest snorts ashes of her friend’s dead mother

By Mason White 1:34 PM May 28, 2015
Jacqui Tierney 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman in Scotland, is fuming after a drunk party guest decided to snort her dead mother’s ashes.

51-year-old Jacqui Tierney of Hilltown, said that the woman snorted the ashes that were in an urn and fled the house.

The ashes belonged to her mother Hilda, who died four years ago. The urn was set in the living room at home. Tierney had a group of friends drinking with her before leaving the room, where the incident occurred.

The act was witnessed by a friend who immediately told her what the other woman had done. Tierney wanted to confront her friend, but she already fled from the scene.

Tierney said that she will never allow her friend to step foot in her house. She has tried calling her on the phone, but so far, the friend has refused to respond.