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Petite woman earns thousands of dollars by allowing obese women to crush her with their body weight

By Mason White 4:51 PM May 28, 2015
Odette Delacroix (center right) 

By: Feng Qian
A petite woman in California, found a unique way to earn a hefty income by allowing obese women to crush her with their body weight.

25-year-old Odette Delacroix of Los Angeles, weighs just 86 pounds.

She regularly posts videos of herself being crushed by five obese women, weighing a total of 1,750 pounds. During the crushing sessions, Delacroix is forced to hold her breath for more than four minutes.

So far, Delacroix has earned nearly $200,000 by men who are eager to watch her videos. Delacroix is currently in a long-term relationship with 37-year-old Ashes Wednesday.

Delacroix said that she loves being crushed. She gets physical pleasure of being immobilized, trapped or surrounded. It is the opposite of claustrophobia.

Delacroix has been able to go on luxury vacations thanks to her extra income, and she even bought a three bedroom house. Delacroix never suffered any injuries.

She exercises and maintains a strict diet in order to have the physical strength to keep being crushed by large women.

Delacroix has her own website on which she uploaded hundreds of videos, showing her getting immobilized by large women.