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Restaurant worker suspended for taking home her half-eaten free lunch

By Mason White 10:43 AM May 28, 2015
Anthea Harding 

By: Feng Qian
A restaurant worker in the United Kingdom, was fired for taking home her half-eaten food.

41-year-old Anthea Harding, who worked at the Harrods’ restaurant, has been suspended after being accused of “stealing” her free lunch.

Harding is waiting to hear if she will be allowed back to her job or if she will be fired over the “theft.”

Harding took a few bites of her chicken and mushroom pie during lunch break and saved the rest for later.

The free lunch is offered to employees as a benefit to complement their 7.50 pound ($11.50) hourly wage at the Harrods’ restaurant in Knightsbridge, London.

Harding did not have enough time to finish her food before she had to return to work so she wrapped up the half-eaten food to take home.

However, she was stopped by a security guard who found the food and said the company policy did not allow workers to take food home.

The free lunch can only be eaten on the premises and one cannot take food out of the restaurant.

Harding has been suspended from her job and faces disciplinary proceedings.

Harding said that she was not aware of the policy and she believes that other staff members have taken home their free meals occasionally.