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Woman bribes officer with lick on his behind in exchange for her freedom

By Mason White 11:15 AM May 28, 2015
Diane Thomas 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman who did not want to go to jail, offered an officer sexual favors to let her go.

Diane Thomas of Monroe, Louisiana, was arrested on charges of bribery after she allegedly tried to avoid arrest by offering the officer “to get on her knees and lick his behind.”

Police were called after Thomas, 52, allegedly attacked her boyfriend. She is accused of hitting her boyfriend repeatedly in the face, scratching him and calling him names.

After she was handcuffed for domestic violence, Thomas allegedly told the officer that she did not want to go to jail because she has a good job and she did not want to mess it up.

According to the police officer, she offered him sexual favors in exchange for being freed.

Thomas was charged with domestic violence and bribery for attempting to bribe the officer with sexual favors. She was released from jail after posting bail of $5,000.