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Lonely men hire female escorts to play video games

By Mason White 1:44 PM May 31, 2015
Female escort illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Lonely men in China, are now hiring female escorts so they have a woman with whom they can play video games.

Men who are tired of playing video games on the Internet by themselves, can now pay about $10 an hour for a woman to escort them online.

More advanced services offer women who explain and demonstrate games to players through online chats.

Those seeking women to escort them on the Internet, are usually white-collar workers who are willing to spend money on online games.

A lot of female college students and office workers double up as escorts for online players as an additional source of income. A female escort with experience can earn about $500 per month, one escort service said.

Top female escorts can earn about $1,300 per month.

One female escort said that she earns $1.6 million per year, as she has won several online gaming competitions and she is in high demand by players.