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Drunk woman bites her neighbor after refusing to have sex with her because she is too fat

By Mason White 2:11 PM June 1, 2015
Naomi Pleasant 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly biting her neighbor following a fight over sex, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

32-year-old Naomi Pleasant of Devon, bit Amanda Parsons after rejecting her as a sex partner for being too fat, the Exeter Magistrate’s Court has heard.

According to the police investigation, the incident began when Pleasant invited a teen couple into her home for sex. She invited the couple as Parsons returned to her own home next door.

Pleasant told Parsons that she is not being invited because of her size. After a brief exchange, Pleasant and Parsons began fighting each other.

Pleasant claimed that Parsons hit her in the head and then sat on her face. Pleasant admitted to biting Parsons on her thigh, but insisted that her actions were in self-defense.

Parsons confessed to pulling Pleasant’s hair in an attempt to stop the biting. The two women were separated by security personnel.

Pleasant was found not guilty of assault following a trial.