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Newlywed woman commits suicide after husband forbade her from wearing pants

By Mason White 2:18 PM June 1, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A young newlywed woman was found dead after hanging herself from a ceiling fan because she was told not to wear pants when visiting her husband’s family, police in India said.

The incident unfolded in the woman’s home, which is located in Khas Dumri, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday night.

According to the police investigation, Jyoti Devi got married to Suraj Singh ten days ago.

Devi’s younger sister Nikki, who moved to the town to live near her sister, said that they both put on pants in order to go for a walk.

Singh however, told his wife that she cannot wear pants because members of his family would not approve it. He said that if she wears ants it will bring a bad name to his family.

Devi became extremely upset and locked herself in her bedroom. A little later, she was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

Police said that women are not allowed to wear pants in Khas Dumri.