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Woman who called police to save suicidal boyfriend is ordered to leave room before cops kill him

By Mason White 9:51 AM June 1, 2015
Justin Way 

By: Chan Yuan
A family is devastated over the loss of a young man who was killed by police.

Kaitlyn Lyons called police for help after she found her boyfriend, 28-year-old Justin Way, drunk and suicidal.

Way, a recovering alcoholic, suffered a relapse after losing his job. Lyons called the non-emergency police line and asked for help.

Lyons asked the dispatcher where she can get help for Way. She said that she hoped he could possibility be hospitalized and can get the help he needed.

Two members of the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office showed up at the home. Lyons was ordered to wait outside while officers entered the house.

According to the officers, Way was laying on a bed with a knife in his hand. Officers shot and killed him.

Deputies Jonas Carballosa, 26, and Kyle Braig, 32, claimed that Way tried to attack them with the knife. He was ordered to drop the knife, and when he refused, the officers fired in self-defense.

However, Way’s parents believe their son was shot before he could sit up.

Detectives described the situation as “suicide by cop.”