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Firefighter falls to his death from ladder while saving 2-year-old girl from burning house

By Mason White 11:45 AM June 2, 2015
Yang Kezhang 

By: Tanya Malhotra
People are mourning the loss of a firefighter who died in the line of duty.

Firefighters were called to put out a fire at a nine-story apartment complex around 11:00 p.m.

27-year-old Yang Kezhang of the Guangxi, China, was among the crew battling the blaze when they were informed that there is a child in the house.

Kezhang climbed a ladder and got into the home. He rescued the 2-year-old girl. As he began climbing
down the ladder, he lost his footing and fell to the ground.

Kezhang fell five stories with the girl in his arms. The firefighter held the child against his chest as he plunged towards the ground. Sadly, Kezhang did not survive. The child however, miraculously survived the fall with only a few minor injuries.

Police are investigating, but so far, the cause of the fire is unknown.