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Family finds snake trying to eat whole egg from bowl on kitchen counter

By Mason White 10:36 AM June 3, 2015
The snake with the egg 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A homeowner found a snake attempting to eat an egg from a bowl in their home.

The bizarre moment that the snake came out of a cabinet and tried to swallow a whole egg, was recorded on video.

Laura Neff who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, uploaded the video of the incident to YouTube. It showed the serpent descending from a spice cabinet and going for the egg on the counter.

“It was a run of the mill Sunday afternoon, until a noise in the kitchen made us look up at the spice cabinet where this was descending toward a bowl of fresh eggs on the counter,” Neff wrote.

According to Neff, the reptile was identified as a Rat Snake, also known as Black Racer. The species is not poisonous and is indeed considered beneficial for homeowners because they eat small rodents.

Neff said that the snake came into the home through a hole in the floor of the laundry room. The hole has now been covered with concrete.

“Using two brooms, a whole lot of patience, nudging, and encouraging, we finally persuaded it to leave through an open window,” Neff said.