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Teenage girl punches mother in the face to keep her from driving drunk

By Mason White 10:38 AM June 3, 2015
Melissa Holloway 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was arrested after she was punched in the face by her teenage daughter.

The teenager of Flagler County, Florida, punched her mother in order to prevent her from driving drunk.

The incident prompted the mother to get a black eye and busted lip.

The mother, Melissa Holloway, 39, was arrested on charges of child abuse and neglect after the incident on Sunday afternoon.

Deputies said that Holloway was drunk when she attempted to drive her daughters, aged 12 and 16, to the store to buy clothing.

After seeing that her mother was drunk, the 16-year-old daughter offered to drive even though she does not have her own driver’s license.

Holloway insisted on driving and refused to allow her daughter to take the wheel.

She then ordered the 16-year-old girl to get out of the car.
When her daughter refused, Holloway grabbed her and began dragging her out of the vehicle.

Holloway allegedly began beating her daughter, who fought back and hit her mother in the face.

The daughter told deputies she did it in self-defense.

Holloway told deputies that she was going to pick up her husband so he can take their daughters to the store.

However, after she was punched by her daughter, she did not drive the car. Holloway was arrested, but her daughter was not charged.