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Attorney breaks 9-year-old girl’s hand during birthday party

By Mason White 11:38 AM June 3, 2015
Child’s arm in sling illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
An attorney was found guilty of breaking a girl’s hand during a birthday party.

The prominent lawyer of Austria, was found guilty of breaking the arm of the 9-year-old girl at the birthday party after a child fought with his daughter.

The incident took place at a sports club in the Dobling district in Vienna.

The court heard that five children started fighting about who could play a slide made of gym mats, while adults were eating.

The five-year-old daughter of the attorney told her father that she was being harassed by other children, so he confronted the other children to see who was responsible for bullying his daughter.

The attorney told the judge that while he was talking to the nine-year old girl about what happened, she lifted her left arm into the air, and while she was “fidgeting around” she fell to the floor and broke her arm.

However, the judge did not believe his version of the events, as a forensic report indicated that the child was raised in the air and then thrown a distance of about two meters.

This caused her to suffer a complicated fracture to the her upper arm. The child needed two operations and had to wear a shoulder sling for four weeks.

She was also treated by a psychotherapist for anxiety and nightmares.

The attorney was sentenced to 6 months conditional imprisonment for aggravated assault. He was also ordered to pay the girl’s family about $9,500 in compensation and medical expenses.

The attorney said that he plans to appeal the sentence.