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Naked woman covers herself in feces before going into restaurant

By Mason White 11:50 AM June 4, 2015
Restaurant illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
Police were called after a naked woman smeared herself with feces and destroyed a motel room.

Police responded to the call at a Motel 6 in Connecticut, where the woman, whose name has not yet been released, was seen with feces smeared all over her naked body.

When the woman spotted the officers, she panicked and fled the motel. The distraught woman grabbed a small dog, ran into a Subway restaurant and locked herself in the bathroom.

The officers tried to get her to come out of the bathroom, but when she refused to open the door, officers broke into the bathroom.

The woman reportedly tried to kick the officers, pleading with them to shoot her instead of taking her into custody.

The woman held the little dog between her legs and squeezed her thighs together. According to police, she was choking the dog with her legs.

Police were finally able to free the dog and it survived the attack. Officers then covered the woman with blankets and arrested her.

Police called an ambulance and the woman was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.