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Woman sues ebay for refusing to allow her to sell property on the sun

By Mason White 2:32 PM June 5, 2015
The sun 

By: Feng Qian
Ebay was slapped with a lawsuit after they refused to allow a woman to sell property on the sun, according to court documents in Spain.

Several years ago, Maria Angeles Duran declared that she owned the sun and intends to charge all users of solar energy.

A courts recognized her claim. However, when Duran tried selling property on the sun through ebay, she was quickly put out of business.

The online auction house blocked her account when they realized that she was selling plots of sun for 1 euro ($1.11) per square meter.

Duran decided to force ebay to allow her to sell property of the sun by taking them to court.

Duran said that she is using the Outer Space Treaty, which states that no country can claim sovereignty over celestial bodies, but since she is an individual, she is not bound by it.

So far, Duran managed to sell plots on the sun to 600 people, racking in 1,200 euros ($1,331). Duran is also demanding 10,000 euros ($11,093) in compensation from ebay.