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Black woman accused of being prostitute after being ‘caught’ with her white husband

By Mason White 9:59 AM June 5, 2015
Interracial couple illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Police officers were ordered to pay a woman for humiliating her by calling her a prostitute.

Charlene Stoker of La Montagne in Pretoria, sued the police department and won her lawsuit at the North Gauteng High Court.

Police in South Africa, were ordered to pay the woman R 50,000 (about $4,000) in damages after falsely accusing her of being a prostitute.

Stoker, who is a black woman, was sitting in a car with her husband, who is white, when a police officer stopped next to their car and accused Stoker of being a prostitute.

Stoker’s husband was handcuffed, pepper sprayed and dragged to a police van. He was taken to a police station on charges of hiring a prostitute.

“A case was opened against the couple for public indecency after the officer alleged that they were having sex in public, but the charges were later dropped,” Stoker’s lawyer Jean-Paul Rudd said.

Stoker’s husband filed a separate lawsuit against the police for false arrest.

“Police made an assumption that I am a prostitute because my husband is white and I am colored. This is not only police stepping out of line, but it is prejudice and racism,” Stoker said.