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Judge suspended for trying to help her husband win election through Facebook

By Mason White 4:20 PM June 7, 2015
Judge Debra Krause 

By: Chan Yuan
A judge in Florida, was suspended from the courtroom after she tried to help her husband win an election.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, that Seminole County Judge Debra Krause, 40, should be suspended for 30 days without pay for using her Facebook page to criticize her husband’s opponent.

Her husband is running for circuit judge.

Krause asked her friends on Facebook, to write on the Facebook page of Circuit Judge Susan Stacy, telling her to begin revealing the truth about Mitch Krause.

Krause accused Stacy of trying to make her husband look like an unethical person. Judges are prohibited from participating in political campaigns, and charges were brought against Krause.

She was sentenced to a one-month suspension without pay, a move that will cost her $11,500.