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14-year-old girl buried alive by boyfriend after she became pregnant and refused an abortion

By Mason White 10:10 AM June 7, 2015
Chiara Paez 

By: Wayne Morin
A young girl was found buried in the backyard of her boyfriend’s home.

The pregnant 14-year-old girl of Argentina, was allegedly buried alive by her boyfriend after an apparent argument over the pregnancy.

The dead body of Chiara Paez, was found in the backyard of her boyfriend’s home three days after she was reported missing.

Paez was eight weeks pregnant when she was beaten and then buried in Rufino, Santa Fe Province.

A post mortem examination found abortion drugs in her system.

Her boyfriend Manuel Mansilla, whom she had been dating for just over two months, reportedly participated in the search for Paez before confessing to the murder.

Mansilla, who attended the same school as Paez, was charged with aggravated murder, femicide and forced abortion.