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Woman gang raped at knifepoint in front of her father

By Mason White 10:12 AM June 7, 2015
Jes Foord with husband and kids, with her father (right) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman spoke of her terrifying ordeal as she was gang raped while her father was forced to watch.

28-year-old Jes Foord said that she was walking with her father and her dog near her home in Waterfall, South Africa, when they were attacked.

At first, the father, 57, and daughter, thought that the gang wanted to rob them. However, they soon tied the father to a tree and removed her pants.

The men held a knife to her throat while they took turns raping her.

Five men, aged between 17 and 26, were arrested, charged and convicted of the crime and were sentenced to a combined 107 years in prison.

Foord refused to live life as a victim. She had since gotten married and her father walked her down the aisle. She is also the proud mother of twins named Layla and Daniel.

She also set up the Jes Foord Foundation to help rape victims get the help they need.