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Jennifer Lopez charged with tarnishing women’s honor for showing too much skin during concert

By Mason White 1:32 PM June 8, 2015
Jennifer Lopez in Morocco 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez faces up to two years in prison after being charged in connection with her concert in a conservative country, police in Morocco said.

The singer has also been criticized by an educational organization, claiming that she disturbed public order and the honor and respect of women with her public performance in Rabat.

Her concert was also broadcast on television. Her performance included revealing dresses that showed her curves. She is also accused of dancing immodestly.

The public is demanding that Communications Minister Mustapha Khalifi resign for allowing the performance to be broadcast on television.

Khalifi himself called the concert unacceptable, and said that it was against the law of broadcasting. However, he said that he will not resign.

160,000 people attended the concert.

If Lopez is convicted, she could face up to two years in prison. Lopez has already left the country, and is back in the United States.