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Man sues popular actress for causing spiritual damage by staring at him through television screen

By Mason White 1:36 PM June 8, 2015
Zhao Wei 

By: Wayne Morin
A man claims that he suffered spiritual damage after a popular actress stared at him through his television screen, according to court documents in China.

The man filed a lawsuit against the actress in the People’s Court of Shanghai.

The lawsuit names Zhao Wei as the defendant, claiming that she stared at the man with her big eyes through the television screen.

The man wants compensation after suffering spiritual damage by the staring. Wei’s net worth has recently surpassed the $1 billion mark.

Before becoming an actress, Wei worked as a kindergarten teacher. Wei has earned her fortune by playing in numerous movies and getting large fees for endorsements.

She has promoted more than 120 products, ranging from health and beauty supplies to wines to motorcycles. She also secured contracts with Mercedes Benz, DeBeers, Versace, Zegna, Dior, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Motorola and others.