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Transgender man fights for visitation of girl born to 2 lesbian mothers with gay sperm donor

By Mason White 3:08 PM June 9, 2015
The “family tree” 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A 9-year-old girl of the United Kingdom, was the center of a court battle when her legal guardian’s transgender partner wanted visitation.

The transgender man went to court for the right to contact the daughter of his former lesbian partner.

He brought the civil case despite having no biological connection with the girl. The child who was identified as Alice, was born to 2 lesbian mothers who used a gay sperm donor.

The women, who are known as Rachel and Helen, separated when their daughter was 3 years old. Rachel, who is the natural mother of Alice, was diagnosed with schizophrenia so Helen got custody of the girl.

Helen then got into a relationship with the transgender man named Matthew. They were together for 4 years and raised Alice as their own.

Matthew said that the girl called him daddy and he became her stepfather. When Helen and Matthew broke up, he lost contact with the girl.

Matthew, who had a full sex change, began a relationship with his new partner, James. He asked the London Family Court to allow him to have visitation with Alice.

Deputy High Court Judge Clifford Bellamy said that such an order would require months of psychiatric assessments, social services reports and court hearings, which would be stressful for the child and her family.

Therefore, the judge refused Matthew’s request, saying: “There is a risk of disrupting Alice’s life to such an extent that she would be harmed by it.”

Alice is in contact with both her biological mother and her father, the gay sperm donor who is in a relationship with another man.