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Father accidentally kills his 14-year-old son during hunting after mistaking him for a deer

By Mason White 9:08 AM June 10, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A father is devastated after he accidentally killed his 14-year-old son during a hunting trip, police in Russia said.

Altai Police said that the unidentified father was carrying a 16-gauge double-barreled shotgun when he took his son on a hunting trip Tuesday.

Assuming that a white figure standing back in the dark was a deer, the man aimed and fired, only to realize it was his son, who had been riding on a horse.

The child immediately died from gunshot wounds in the head and chest. The man told investigators that he and his son were hunting for Siberian roe deer at the time of the fatal accident.

In February, a hunter was arrested and charged with manslaughter related charges after he shot and killed a man he mistook for bear, according to court proceedings in Oregon.

Now, the hunter has been found not guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of a Marine reservist from California.

The jury deliberated for about two hours Friday, before rendering their not guilty verdict.

Eugene Collier, 68, was the last witness to take the stand. He told the jury that he was shooting to kill when he fired the .270 caliber bullet that killed Christopher Ochoa, 20, in French Camp, California, near Silver Falls State Park.

Collier was hunting with his 12-year-old grandson and said he was sure he was shooting at a bear.

“I made a terrible mistake. It was a tragic accident, I did not mean for it to happen,” Collier said. “I’m sorry,” he added.

Collier testified on Friday, that was about 100 yards from his target when he realized that he had killed a human being.

“I was shocked,” he recalled. “I thought the only person there was my grandson. Then I realized that he was not dressed like that,” he added.

His grandson heard the shot from his position and came running.