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Man wears wig and makeup and pretends to be his 17-year-old girlfriend to take test at school instead of her

By Mason White 5:37 PM June 10, 2015
Ayan Zhademov 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A girl who freaked out about taking an exam at school, persuaded her boyfriend to dress up like her and take the test instead of her, school officials in Kazakhstan said.

20-year-old Ayan Zhademov wanted to help his 17-year-old girlfriend when she told him she was worried about the next exam.

The girl, who has not been named, had been preparing for the Unified National Testing, which school students are required to take in order to enter college.

Zhademov took her place by wearing a black wig, putting on makeup, and wearing her white blouse and gray skirt before sneaking into the examination room.

However, school administrators in Zhetisai, caught him and took him aside for questioning. Zhademov’s identity was uncovered after trying to speak in a high-pitched voice, but still sounded like a man.

Zhademov was fined $2,800 for impersonation.

Luckily for Zhademov, a rich man stepped in and agreed to pay half of the fine because he was happy that romance is still alive and well in the country.

The girl will now have to wait until next year before taking the exam.