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Men flock to brothel that offers free 15 minutes of sex

By Mason White 9:12 AM June 12, 2015

By: Tanya Malhotra
A brothel owner who decided to give away free sex sessions, was overwhelmed with the amount of men who showed up.

Hermann Muller, owner of the Pascha brothel in Salzburg, Austria, said that the move is a protest against “unfair taxes.”

According to Muller, hundreds of men showed up to the brothel for the free 15-minute session with one of the women he employes.

Mr. Muller said that he was tired of being “the pimp for the tax office” after paying about four million pounds (about $6 million) in the last ten years.

He is upset that the tax office wants more money while at the same time, they are not cracking down on illegal street prostitution.

Muller said that so many men showed up to his place of business in hopes to take advantage of the offer that he to turn away many of them.

The “summer special” for free sex will last up to eight weeks. During this time, the business will not have to pay taxes because they are not making any income as they are giving away their services for free.

“The girls are happy because I am paying them their regular wages out of my own pocket,” Muller said.