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85-year-old father of 13 children welcomes newborn twins into his family

By Mason White 10:47 AM June 12, 2015
Abdullah Sevinc 

By: Wayne Morin
An 85-year-old man is a father to 15 children after the recent birth of his twins.

Abdullah Sevinc of Van, Turkey, who works as a farmer, became a father for the 15th time at 85 years old.

Sevinc married his second wife, 46-year-old Hanifa Abdullah Mihrinaz, after his first wife passed away.

The couple are married for over 9 years and have 5 children together, including two boys, a girl and the newborn twins.

Sevinc’s first wife died about 15 years ago, leaving behind 10 children. He now has a total of 15 children.

Sevinc said that he is ashamed of his decision to have more children at his advanced age.

“By God’s will, I did not expect twins. I am old, but I have my health,” he said.

Although Sevinc helps his wife care for the babies, he said: “I am a little ashamed, but there’s nothing I can do. I will not consider another child. 15 is enough for me.”