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Student kills himself after accidentally killing his lover by giving her drugs before having sex

By Mason White 6:09 PM June 14, 2015
Lovers illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A student and his lover were found dead in a motel room after they both hooked up to spend the weekend together, police in Nigeria said.

Imo State Police said that the woman came to visit her boyfriend at the motel on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, employees at the motel tried to enter the room, but it was locked and no one answered the door.

After a few hours, they called the police, who forced their way into the room, where they found both students laying dead in bed.

According to the police investigation, the woman died following a drug overdose. The boyfriend is suspected of providing her with the drugs before they had sex.

When the boyfriend realized that he had unintentionally killed his lover, he overdosed on drugs and went to lie down in bed beside her until he died.