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Shoplifter slashes throat of female store manager who attempted to stop him

By Mason White 11:24 AM June 14, 2015
The suspect 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman who was set to get married next month, died in her workplace.

The manager at a Walmart in China, was killed after confronting a man suspected of stealing food and eating it in the store.

The 27-year-old victim, who was identified as Lin, is a mother of one girl. She was set to get married next month.

Sadly, she died in the store located in Zhangjiang, Guangdong.

According to reports, Lin and several other staff members had gone to confront the man after seeing him steal food items.

Lin was informed by store security guards that man stole food before hiding in a corner and eating it. Lin and four members of her security team went to confront the the man.

Security cameras showed the man running towards the knife section. He grabbed a knife from the shelf and used it to attack Lin, who was in front of the group chasing him.

Lin was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police released a photo of the suspect and asked the public for help in identifying him. After receiving tips, police arrested the 29-year-old male suspect identified as Li, in a nearby village.