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2 girls suffer severe burns while taking selfies on top of moving train

By Mason White 6:05 PM June 15, 2015
Women taking selfies illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Two girls were rushed to a hospital with life-threatening burns after suffering electric shocks while taking selfies on top of a moving train, police in Russia said.

Taganrog Police said that the two 16-year-old girls have suffered burns to 70 percent of their bodies after climbing on top of the freight train at the Martsevo station.

Both girls were taking selfies on Monday, when they hit live wires, causing them to suffer electric shocks. The teenagers were taken to a nearby children’s hospital, where they are being treated in the burn department.

Olesya Belmasova and Anastasiya Kirillova are said to be in serious condition. Several days ago, a 19-year-old man died after receiving an electric shock while standing on top of an electric train.

The body of the teenager was discovered by commuters when the train arrived at the next station. The incident unfolded on the Fryazino to Moscow route.